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About Us

We are a group of passionate people full of ideals, skills and enthusiasm. We hope to use our skills to create a high quality platform for our quantitative trading enthusiasts!

Background Introduction

FMZ Quant Platform is a cloud platform created by FMZ Technology Co., Ltd. for quantitative enthusiasts (Quants). We provide you with accurate backtesting function, high-speed real-time trading interface, easy-to-use API documentation and from simple to complicated strategy library, which makes it easy for you to quickly implement and use your own trading strategies.

We have stringent requirements for performance and security, and the online platform integrates the complete process of strategy development, testing, optimization, simulation, and real-time trading. Support high-frequency trading strategies, various arbitrage strategies, and support multi-data, multi-variety, multi-cycle hybrid strategies, support chinese domestic commodity futures and foreign commodity futures, and also almost all of the blockchain assert trading platform worldwide.

Our founding team has rich experience in finance and IT industry. We have deep knowledgeable programmers, financial elites who have been engaged in funds, futures and securities industry for many years. We are committed to creating the most efficient and easy to use quantitative trading platform.

Contact Us

Telegram: https://t.me/fmzquant Mailbox: support@fmz.com Address: Erqi District, Zhengzhou City (R&D Center), Henan Province, China