Financial Magic Zone Global KOL Recruitment

Author: ChaoZhang, Created: 2024-03-14 15:14:00, Updated: 2024-03-14 15:16:49

If you have a firm belief in the Financial Magic Zone Platform and the quantitative trading industry; if you believe that technological innovation can make investing smarter and more efficient, join the global KOL recruitment program of the world’s leading quantitative trading platform - Financial Magic Zone now. Become our partner, jointly promote the popularization of quantitative investing, and work together for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

How to join the Financial Magic Zone KOL Program?

Please fill out the application form, and our staff will contact you as soon as possible to explore the possibility of cooperation. By joining us, you will get:

  • Up to 50% of customer consumption share
  • Personalized exclusive promotional links and publicity materials
  • Marketing guidance for subdivided markets and audiences
  • Periodic experience sharing and training
  • Opportunities to participate in major platform events and milestones
  • Priority access to new products and business trends of the platform

Joining Conditions

  1. Have working experience and industry influence in quantitative trading related fields
  2. Operate industry vertical communities, self-media, official accounts, etc., such as:
    • KOLs in finance, technology, and investment with ≥1000 fans
    • Quantitative trading practitioner communities with ≥500 active users
    • Market analysis platforms (DAU ≥500)
  3. Identify with the Financial Magic Zone Platform concepts and be optimistic about the development prospects of quantitative trading
  4. Have good business reputation and personal ethics

Promotion Methods

  1. Publish platform introduction articles on your social media, communities, self-media and other channels
  2. Accurately push your exclusive registration link to target groups
  3. Hold online sharing sessions and exchanges to share the prospects and techniques of quantitative trading
  4. Provide product consulting services of the Financial Magic Zone Platform to potential customers

Through the above methods, attract customers to use your link to complete registration and consumption, and you can continuously obtain commission income.

Compliance Requirements (Must Read)

  1. It is strictly forbidden for KOLs to use their own promotion links to register accounts and falsely obtain commissions. Once discovered, the account will be permanently banned and the commissions already issued will be recovered.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to instigate or encourage others to use your link to register repeatedly, otherwise the KOL qualification will be cancelled and the commissions already issued will be recovered.
  3. It is prohibited to create phishing websites that are extremely similar to the official website to mislead users to enter sensitive information. Once discovered, the account will be permanently banned and the right to legal recourse will be reserved.
  4. The platform-related content published by KOLs on social media must be objective and truthful, and must not fabricate facts, distort information, or defame the platform’s reputation, otherwise cooperation will be terminated and the right to pursue legal responsibility will be reserved.
  5. It is prohibited to exaggerate publicity returns in the promotion process, such as promising “invest 10,000, earn 100,000 per month”, to avoid giving users unrealistic expectations and misleading investment decisions. Otherwise, penalties such as warnings, cancellation of commission sharing, or even termination of cooperation will be given according to the severity of the circumstances.
  6. KOLs must actively guide users to establish correct investment concepts and remind them that there are risks in quantitative trading. It is forbidden to use words such as “zero risk” and “guaranteed profit” to bewitch users, otherwise the cooperation qualification will be suspended until rectification is in place.

All KOL partners must strictly abide by the above compliance requirements and jointly maintain a good industry ecology. Financial Magic Zone Platform will use big data monitoring and enforce the law impartially against any violations without any tolerance.

Join the Financial Magic Zone KOL program now and build the future of the quantitative investment business with us!

Financial Magic Zone Platform reserves the right to modify, interpret and ultimately interpret this solicitation based on the principles of compliance and legality. If you have any questions, please contact our staff.