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Please translate the buy plan page

Author: ytrezq, Created: 2017-10-20 06:36:53, Updated: 2017-10-20 09:56:53

It would be nice to understand what https://www.fmz.cn/m/pricing is really about when you don’t speak an Asaian familly language.

Because when you set the Site language to English, the page remain untranslated.


edwardgyw Could you tell me what kind of translation application do you use? The left side of page is so cool and convenient

小小梦 https://dn-filebox.qbox.me/2831465c73b71a7fca3f1ccca3887a09fb5a02b2.png

小小梦 ^^ , thank a lot !

重仓出奇迹 哈哈哈梦总..."实盘并发个数"It means that you can run two strategies at once, https://dn-filebox.qbox.me/edd30d5f515d53a3251e65e22ff08065838c7461.png

小小梦 T_T , My english is terrible ! 并发个数 : The number of robots running at same time . 实盘:The robots bind really exchange platform.

ytrezq @小小梦 实盘并发个数 ???? grammar error ?

小小梦 实盘并发个数 : The number of robots running at same time that bind really exchange platform. 同时运行的实盘机器人数: their are same.

ytrezq @小小梦 what does 实盘并发个数 and 同时运行的实盘机器人数 means ?

ytrezq @edwardgyw translation application only works if you’re at least famillar with the language family. Otherwise, a human is required, because the syntax is correct, but the wording remain meaningless. Something most peoples don’t understand when there’re getting bad marks at school when learning foreign language.