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【Recruitment】Quantitative Strategy Development

Author: luosh, Created: 2019-01-10 14:06:26, Updated:

alphabase.io is holding a machine learning quantitative trading competition, now seeking for motivated individuals to join as quantitative developers. This competition is sponsored by Vicktor Capital (Asia) Limited, a hedge fund investment manager based on HK. Competition overview: In the game, developers will work on generating a Long Short market neutral portfolio based on our requirements. You do not need to submit the strategy algorithm, just submit the final portfolio results. After one year track record, if the strategy is ultimately selected for investment(1M USD), then the algorithm is needed. In addition, we use immutable track record on blockchain as convincing evidence in order to commercialize developers’ IP. More to visit: https://alphabase.io/ Job requirements: Familiar with machine learning related algorithms and techniques, proficient in Python/Java/C/C++ programming language. Experience in quantitative trading strategy development would be better. Contact: info@alphabase.ai

【机器学习量化投资策略开发招募】 alphabase.io 正在举办机器学习量化交易比赛,现招聘算法工程师开发量化策略模型。比赛由位于香港的资产管理公司Vicktor Capital (Asia) Limited管理赞助。 比赛概况: 在比赛中,开发者按照我们的要求开发市场中性策略,不需要提交策略算法,只需要提交最终的投资组合结果。经过一年的比赛测试,若策略最终被选入投资(100万美元资产),则需要提供策略算法。另外,投资组合将会被写入区块链中。详细信息访问:https://alphabase.io/ 参与要求: 熟悉机器学习相关算法与技术,熟练掌握Python/Java/C/C++编程语言,有量化交易策略开发经验为佳。 联系方式:info@alphabase.ai


luosh 请先发送简历至:info@alphabase.ai Please email us your CV: info@alphabase.ai