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Discard all desires and be a firm system trader!

Author: , Created: 2019-02-13 11:04:52, Updated: 2019-02-13 11:05:13

Discard all desires and be a firm system trader!

To be successful in the long run, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Be able to recognize the structure of the market;

  2. able to recognize the trader’s own structure (greed and fear);

  3. can seamlessly connect the market structure with someone own structure (to achieve " Let your heart be true, follow your heart!").

These three elements have become the goal that traders have been tirelessly pursuing. The trader uses the following means to achieve the above three conditions:

For the first point, recognize the market structure and complete it by the trader’s trading system. At present, the system is fully capable of understanding the arduous task of understanding the market structure; for the second and third points, it can be improved through the corresponding organizational structure. For example, a trader performs a trading according to the signal of the system.

Traders are not responsible for the reliability and validity of the signal. The criterion for assessing the performance of a trader is to see if it is effective in executing the trade order. If the system issues 100 trading orders, the trader should execute 100 trades. Even if 80 trades in 100 trades are loss-money, the trader is correct and should not be held responsible for the trade results. Through the corresponding organizational structure and institutional constraints, all departments can work together to ensure the smooth implementation of the transaction plan.

At the time of the transaction, the trader must follow the system signal to conduct the transaction. If there are consecutive setbacks, there should be no doubt about the effectiveness of the system, and new trading signals should be implemented steadily.

For example, when you make a mistake twice in accordance with the system signal, the system generates a third trading signal. Since you have been wrong twice according to the system trading, you start to have doubts about the system, you didn’t execute the third trading signal, but at this time there was a round of vigorous trend, because of your doubts about the system, you missed the trend.

Professional traders have said that any system is not absolutely perfect, the trader is not a god, the trading system is not a god, the trading system without a failed transaction is not credible, and the trading system without any noise is not credible, so We think of the first two wrong transactions just mentioned as the cost and cost of capturing the third big market signal. It’s not hard to understand, Professional traders believe that it is understandable to have a loss during the consolidation period, but missing the trend is a fatal mistake that cannot be forgiven!

The successful trader is the one who has failed after the continuous failure, and decisively preform the trading signal without hesitate. They never miss the big trend. Discard all desires, be a firm system trader, just do what you can understand, just do what you can!