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Build your own operating system in Futures market

Author: , Created: 2019-02-14 16:06:44, Updated:

There is a saying in the futures: don’t chase if the market has been up for three days, cause not much space and strength left? There are plans, but no expectation, this is the principle of trader.

The wave of futures rising and falling is made by the main force. Without the main force, there is no big ups and downs. Without main force, no matter how good subject matter is, no matter how many reasons, it’s just like a stagnant pool of water. No wind, no wave. The first idea of ​​entering Futures market to know is that waves are created by the main force. Without the main force, it is not easy to have fluctuations. If you want to profit in the market, you must dance with the main force, advance and retreat with it. Is it clear?

Operating is like: don’t expect to buy at the lowest price and sell at the top price, focus the middle part.

◆ Doing Futures: simple tool, simple idea

Rising to find support, falling to find pressure, do not mistake the big principle of this trend operation, the operation skill can certainly be greatly improved.

How to make a profit? When you are satisfied, time to go. The simple way is: when the reason you buy disappears, it is a good time to leave.

Don’t be too optimistic when it goes up, don’t be too pessimistic when it falls.

Aiming at the chance that its winning percentage is greater than 70%, sometimes it is enough to shoot once a month. The hunter will not shoot immediately at the sight of bird. He will aim it slowly with the limited bullet and kill it with one shot.

When it fall to the bottom, it will rebound; when it reaches the top, it will fall back. This is the inertia of the Futures price.

Knowing how to wait is the secret of success in the Futures market. “Think of losing before you win” is the high intelligence left by our ancestors. When you can understand, enter the market. When you don’t understand, wait and see. Waiting and watching is also a strategy.

It’s not enough to know how to buy and sell. The exercise of mentality is the most lacking thing for retail investors. The retail investors lack of the essence of killer, and they are not cruel enough to decide when to buy, when to sell, when to hold.

In fact, the most talked about is the moving average, which is a course you need do study intensively if you want to operate easily in the market.

The opening price breaking yesterday’s top price maybe a hint at the movement of the current day or the next few days, especially after the news that benefits the long position or the news that benefits the short position.

Remember, if your futures orders have already appeared, or if there have already been short-selling waves, you should make a lightning decision. Where there is life, there is hope.

Each moving average is a horse. If there are enough running horses, the horsepower is naturally large and they run fast and steady.

◆ Three magic weapons for the operation of Futures market: mentality, skill, and fund control.

If it breaks the bottom price, the trading volume reduces means it’s easy to see the bottom, and the trading volume increases means there is much more space for bottom.

The strength of the moving average is greater than that of the k-line. The k-line is suitable for catching the turning, but the moving average can point out the trend. Unit these two will show clearer. How to achieve reconciliation between the transition and the trend, not to deviate from the trend in the transition, see the turning point in the trend, is an art and goal for us.

After learned a lot of ways, try to combine it into a simple formula that fits your cycle of operation. Including, how to cut in? How to hold it? Stop loss point? Profit point? Pay attention to whether there are any trading points in your Futures, and then execute according to your idea, ignoring everything else. The most important thing for traders is the ability to respond, not the forecast of the market.

Spending time to learn a set of methods of operation will benefits your life a lot. After you have a set of operating modes that matches your idea, you will find that you have a well that will automatically spring out, which will be a great pleasure in life.