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Keep proper distance but not losing passion

Author: , Created: 2019-02-16 10:27:11, Updated:

A conclusion that I get from years of trading-----

When you are concentrated, you will be oblivious of yourself and forget those messy thoughts, namely a state of “unintentional”. If you got this calm feeling, which is amazing, you need to maintain this in your work and life so you can achieve more success. The more we use this feeling, the better result we get then more skilled we are using.

I used to listen to more senior friends: “Don’t be too close to the stock. The closer you go, the worse you will be.” It’s correct. However, the stock market needs to be learned. If you don’t go deep into the research, how can you be wise? So, at first glance, this seems to be very contradictory. But this is a question of high skill: people with deeper skills can stay close to the market without being confused by the market.

Learning and actual operations, from a certain point of view, are two different things. It belongs to two different stages. When studying, we must be serious in thinking things over deeply, and researching repeatedly. The spirit of perseverance is important, as well as careful work, aiming at the pursuit of perfect high standards, and not to be sloppy in the details.

In short: you need to be incisive and subtle, then you gain success. However, when your skill is practiced and you enters the market, you go to a higher level in which you will be bold and resolute, not punctilious in details and only focusing on the general trend.

In other words: When you are a student, it is inevitably being close to the market, because you need to look at it, dissect it, analyze it, and have to go very close to it. However, when it comes to reaching the edge of the winner’s realm, it feels that there is a distance from the market and it is no longer as close as it used to be.

When we do trading, it is also the same four layers: At beginners’ phrase, there will be many wrong ideas and techniques, which will make us doubt the correct method, even do not want to learn, so it is very necessary to focus on studying at this time.

I hope that the garbage knowledge in the brain will be removed. Then the burden of brain is lightened, and a good weight loss effect is achieved, which is a very natural state. At this point, operating the stock naturally follows the Fa-rectification, not deliberate, not tweaking. Since you have reached the height of unintentional heights, it’s undoubtedly the best time to work harder. Currently, everything is developed normally, trading is operated naturally, and you are free from emotional shackles. Everything is natural, and you just go with it, achieving with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

What is said above is normal steps of learning. However, most people probably have no chance to follow the steps to learn. For my part, the actual situation is as follows:

  1. I just entered the market, I don’t know much, I don’t care much, I’m lazy, and I look at the market table occasionally. (In fact, this is a bit of a state of “unintentional”)

  2. Suddenly one day, I felt that the opportunity to enter the market came. I went to buy stocks (or emptied) (because I was “unintentional”, it was easier to find real and big opportunities to enter.)

  3. After a little bit of sweetness, I want to learn more (in fact, I want to learn more short-term operation knowledge), to see if I can “frequently operate” so that I can make more money (this is greed, then I began to lose the realm of “unintentionality” and entered the world of deliberate creation. This heart is a delusional heart, no longer pure.)

  4. When I realized that I was going in the wrong direction, I made up my mind to jump out of small places, small details, small short lines, and small patterns. I wanted to find my original heart back, which was pure and kind.

  5. Then I got rid of weed and kept the flower of the leek. I returned to the state of “lazy” when I first entered the stock market, but that was only the surface. The correct knowledge was ready.

  6. While waiting for the next opportunity, I will not ask for it, I will not be anxious, and I will not lose my heart. Because I have forgotten that I am waiting (ahh, I envy this kind of relaxing life)

  7. The opportunity is coming… “The god of opportunity will come knock my door” - if you are ready, you will hear the ringtone. You don’t need to listen every night, every minute, every second. When the opportunity comes, you will know and naturally act.