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The next day short-term trading strategy

Author: , Created: 2019-02-19 11:08:07, Updated:

The next day short-term trading strategy


The following is a short-term trading strategy for stocks market every next day. You can modify it and use it at digital currency trading pairs market to check the effect. It is still preformed very good. The logic of the trading idea is the same.

Buying on the first day, selling every second day, the annual profit can reach more than 100%.

Strategy ideas:

Every day, the stock pool (digital currency pair pool) is selected by the stocks (digital currency pairs) whose 5-day average price is greater than the 10-day average price. The next day, regardless of the price rising and falling, sell it. then, buy the stocks that meet the requirements again, repeat this operation!

  1. Stock selection:

Select it by the market index indicator and the total value of certain stock these two ways. After testing, I found that the small market value stock was better. (Digital currency does not apply to this point)

  1. Filtering:

Excluding the lack of liquidity stocks (excluding the lack of liquidity digital currency pairs)

  1. Screening:

The current setting is that the stock’s 5-day average price is greater than the 10-day average price, which meets the requirements.

4, The general market environment judgment

Through the market index indicator judge the overall trend situation (in the digital currency market, take Bitcoin as the index target), if the direction is not good, only close position never open any new position. img