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Author: 小草, Created: 2019-05-09 09:48:25, Updated: 2019-05-09 12:16:16

1.Where are the logs stored?

logs are in a DB3 database located in LOGS folder where the docker is located.

2.How can I get a filled orders list?

exchange.GetOrders() only get pending orders, and there is no other function to get filled orders. You can use exchange.IO to access the orgin API if the exchange provides.

3.How can I deploy and update a docker?

Check on https://www.fmz.com/bbs-topic/3649. To update, just download a new docker then deploy it, and delete the old docker on https://www.fmz.com/m/nodes if no bot run on it.

  • 1.Buy a cloud server (VPS) from Amazon or Google, the lowest and cheapest configuration is enough. you may often have a free try out for a long time.
  • 2.Login your server, follow the instruction from your server provider or Google it.
  • 3.Chose the docker that match your system version, most of the time, it is 64Bit.
  • 4.For centos, run wget http://q.fmz.net/dist/robot_linux_amd64.tar.gz, command not found? install first yum install wget -y.
  • 5.Run tar -xzvf robot_linux_amd64.tar.gz to unzip.
  • 6.Run ./robot -s rpcs@node.fmz.com:9902/xxxxxx -p yourFMZpassword, you should see something like 2018/07/05 05:04:10 Login OK, SID: 62086, PID: 7226, Name: host.localdomain, which means everything is worked. rpcs@node.fmz.com:9902/xxxxxx is unique to every user, find your own on https://www.fmz.com/m/add-node.
  • 7.Now the docker isn’t run in the background, if you close the SHH client, the docker will stop. Press ctrl + C to stop the docker.
  • 8.Run nohup ./robot -s rpcs@node.fmz.com:9902/xxxxxx -p yourFMZpassword & to run in the background. this step can also be done by Screen command.
  • 9.Check on https://www.fmz.com/m/nodes, if everything is OK, you can find the docker deployed there.

4.What does the error code mean on log page?

Check the code on the exchange API doc. Here is a summary of docs: https://www.fmz.com/bbs-topic/597

5.GetOrders: 400: {“code”:-1121,“msg”:“Invalid symbol.”}

As it says, Invalid symbol. Check your symbol is spelled correctly.

6.BitMEX 429: {“error”:{“message”:“Rate limit exceeded retry in 1 seconds ……”}}

Rate limit exceeded. BitMEX rate limit is 1 request per second, so be carefull.

7.symbol not set when backtesting.

Set contract first before trade on funtures by exchange.SetContractType.

  • OKEX futures and swap:
  • HuobiDM futures:
  • BitMEX futures and swap:
  • GateIO swap:
  • Deribit futures and swap:

8.Why does the data returned by the TA indicator function start with null?

TA function, such as TA.MA(records,10), requires at least 10 K-lines to calculate MA, thus the first 10 data of MA is null.


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