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We have an incredibly profitable market making algorithm for sideways markets on Bitmex - but need expert to help eliminate wait times during downward volatility in the market

Author: mandala, Created: 2019-09-17 14:58:31, Updated:

Our algorithm runs very well and very profitable in sideways conditions, and runs long primarily only on XBTUSD.

We have stop loss rules and DCA rules built in, but they’re not effective and create a lot of risk or loss.

We are willing to pay a financial mathematician to help us solve our problem & implement.

We know volatility is one of the most common issues, but we know there has to be a solution to keep the bot running more frequently, rather than getting stuck.

We considered hedging, etc, but we’ve reached a plateau and now need an expert to help us get our algo to the next level.

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss in more detail. (English speaking preferred)

Thank you


owneroxxor Did you ever find a way trough this issue?

小草 Bitmex is a hard place for anyone. There are too many professionals.