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We need our custom & profitable bitmex market making algorithm improved for periods of volatility & eliminating time of being stuck in positions waiting for market to return to profit zones. PYTHON DEVELOPER

Author: mandala, Created: 2019-09-17 14:41:58, Updated:

We have a profitable market making algorithm we built, which is incredibly profitable in sideways markets, of course.

We need a solution from an expert financial mathematician/developer to help us solve the issue of positions getting stuck in a position for too long. The longer the algo is stuck within a position, the less amount of opportunity it has to be collecting profits as a market maker.

The aglo will not allow total loss of the position currently, it will simply wait for it to return to it’s profit zones, then it gets back to work.

We need exper opinion/development work to cut those wait times down during volatile periods.

We currently have stop loss features and “emergency DCA” mode built in, but we do not use them, as they are not effective.

The bot currently also only trades on one asset XBTUSD, and does not have any hedging features, which may help us beat the downtime of only being in one position and sometimes getting stuck during downward volatility.

Happy to explain more in depth, and share our full algorithm for expert review and solution.

it’s written in python and runs on VPS instances.

homily wechat:Homily124

Ares_Quant I am a CTA quanter and major in computational mathematics. Now I am very instreasted in cryptocurrency market. Hope to get contact with u and bulid further coopration. wechat: Ares_Quant