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Looking For Partnership

Author: 善, Created: 2018-10-20 17:53:00, Updated:

Whether you are an exchange or a personal quantitative trader, we need your help!

For exchanges and institutional traders, we offer a win-win model to build an excellent channel for communicating traders and exchanges. Such as low commission fees. Also, there is a custom-tailored API interface that allows the platform to maintain the most unobstructed connection with your exchange. Once your API has changed, we offer quick redeployment and docking for free.

For individual traders, whether you are a programmer or not, whether you know trading or not, as long as you have ideas and suggestions about quantitative trading, no matter how simple the strategy, how short the code, please contact us, your strategy or code once adopted. We will pay you the appropriate money reward. More importantly, we hope to establish a long-term partnership with you. Hoping you become our long-term code or strategy provider.

Interested parties please contact us:

Telegram: @TheFmzQuant Email : thefmzinc@gmail.com

testme 霖霖量化实盘策略:https://www.pcclean.io/quant/ 实盘地址:https://www.pcclean.io/quant/#real

LVX Looking for a copy trading program, something like zulutrade for the crypto blockchain market. As a trader, this could help non traders join in my strategies and/or bots. So building different crypto funds for different targets and markets. contact me securely: brigon@pm.me

we have a square page, lots of strategies over there, you might interested