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Strategy writing service pricing

Author: 善, Created: 2018-10-20 16:29:08, Updated:

Option One: One-time charge, 0.5 bitcoin, the strategy complexity does not exceed 1200 lines of code, and the extra part is negotiated with the customer privately. If you need to customize your own indicators, the same applies to this option.

Option Two: According to the customer’s custom “line drawing logic” or “simple trading logic” individual numbers, each “line drawing logic” or “simple trading logic” is charged by 0.1 bitcoin, the complexity of each of them must not exceed 200 lines of code, and the extra part is privately negotiated with the customer.

The above solutions are freely single selected or mix selected by the customers. In addition to providing all the strategy’s source code for the customer’s own inspection and reference, the company provides the paid “life-modification service”. If customers need to improve and increase the strategy code or increase or decrease the new and old functions, will get a 20% off discount for this service.

Purchase process:

The customer can inform the customer service staff of the general strategy logic through live-chatting, documents and other methods. The customer service staff will give a reply within 24 hours to determine the programming feasibility and price of the strategy. If the customer feels satisfied, She or He can pay the full amount to our company through the following payment methods. The company will deliver the strategy with its source code to the customer within 1-3 working days depending on the complexity of the strategy. At the same time, if the customer doesn’t know how to deploy the strategy, robots, and docker on our platform, our staff will also assist the customer to complete the deployment free of charge until the strategy starts to run normally.

Attention: The company accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin or other equivalent value mainstream digital currencies. Also, we accept online payment methods such as PayPal or US dollar of the same value.

(Disclaimer: Our company does not promise and guarantee any strategy profits, customers need to bear the risk of loss for their own strategies, our company only provides technical support, the market is risky, investment needs to be cautious! Regarding the profit part, our company does not draw any profit share, all the profit which gain by the customer’s strategy is owned by the customer. Our company only provides technical support. Due to the customer’s own misoperation, the customer’s FMZ platform’s account information leaking, the customer’s exchange account information leaking, the customer’s digital currency wallet leaking, and the customer’s digital assets losses, our company will not responsible for it.)

pgaur88 is there any sample format of any strategy available here ?

pgaur88 hi

yes, please go to our square page, there are lots of strategies that you can buy or rent. also in this Forums.