FMZ Quant Enterprise Edition

Supporting strategy development, analysis optimization, backtesting, and market-simulation.
Providing most of mainstream programming languages for global blockchain trading assets

Private Deployment

Massive Data

Extreme Speed

Multiple Terminal


Trading System

FMZ Quant is a leading forward-looking technology provider for blockchain asset trading
Serving millions of users, professional distributed architecture and anti-DDOS attack system, wallet system isolated operation

Spot Trading System

FMZ Quant trading system uses a memory-combining technology with an order processing speeding up to 2 million transactions per second, which guarantees that there will be no delays and jams in order processing. It can support the smooth and stable operation of exchanges with more than 20 million online users at the same time. The multi-layer, multi-cluster system architecture ensures the security, stability and scalability of the system. Feature deployment and version update do not require downtime to maximize the user's operating experience.

High Concurrent API Interface

Providing complete user API interface, order inquiry, account asset inquiry, recharge, cash withdrawal address query, market interface, Websocket market interface, and completely separate from the trading system core, safe and reliable. The trading module is completely separated on the exchange UI interface, to the maximum extent Ensure system security and user asset security

Intelligent Market Making System

The FMZ Quant market making system is operated by tracking the price changes and constantly presided over the market for both buying and selling. With professional knowledge to judge the market fair price, provide two-way quotation at the best price to enhance the market attractiveness.

OTC Trading

Support OTC transactions, use KYC certification procedures, fair ranking system, secure third-party asset lock-in and other technologies to make the recharge of the fiat currency, which is no longer a bottleneck. Just enter the amount you want to purchase and start experiencing convenient over-the-counter transactions. Multi-language support for fast localization deployment. Create a secure and easy-to-use OTC trading platform for blockchain enthusiasts.

Intelligent Expansion System

Flexible expansion system, easily competent for dozens of business scenarios. Investors are increasingly demanding passive index funds. Through the ETF index fund module API interface integrated with it, just one-click away to the blockchain asset ETF index fund products. also supports the closed period of the custom ETF index fund, which is convenient for the fund back office to fully prepare for daily purchase and redemption. Meanwhile, it provides a relatively stable opening position process for fund products. Quickly build a complete blockchain asset emerging trading mining platform through the system integrated exchange's module API interface.

Cloud Computing Business

Helping partners quickly build their own exchange. The cloud relies on the technology accumulation of FMZ in the blockchain asset exchange, providing partners with OTC and 'cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency' exchanges under the “zero IT capability requirements”. Partners can share the FMZ Quant blockchain trading platform global website's order matching system, wallet system, asset management and clearing system, and dock the depth, liquidity and market data of the FMZ Quant. Partners only need to provide their own domain name, LOGO and operating entities to have a blockchain asset exchange with the world's top trading experience.


High Performance

Memory-level asynchronous join engine, lock-free circular queue

Low latency

Dedicated software development and QOS methods are used to ensure the processing speed of critical applications.

High Capacity

Fully distributed design, unlimited computing and storage capabilities

Easy To Expand

Simple and flexible syntax, support for new products, new business

High Speed Market

Clustering and matching engine and communication systems to double transaction speed

More Precise

24/7 online, getting the market quote and executing orders more accurate

Market Making System

Market Making strategy

Committed to building a new benchmark for blockchain exchange market making business strategies, providing the highest level of trading services for the core business of blockchain exchanges.
With industry-leading system architecture and a rich feature customization solution, it is the industry leader in performance, efficiency and reliability.
Being able to meet the needs of various blockchain exchanges is the best choice for the core applications of blockchain exchanges.


What is a market making system ?


The FMZ's market-making system keeps tracking the price changes. Based on professional mechanism, it can judge the fair price of the market, provide two-way quotation for buying and selling at the best price, enhance market attractiveness, improve liquidity, and satisfy the trading needs of ordinary investors. Through high-frequency trading, the price difference between each transaction price and the theoretical price is gradually accumulated, and the price difference is dynamically adjusted according to the characteristics of the position, and a certain profit will be realized.


Why choose the FMZ MM system?


The FMZ Quant market making system can deal with TPS and TPMC business very well. In the online environment of the well-known exchanges in the industry, in the large-scale performance test, 100 million transactions were successfully completed, the number of transactions per second was close to 30,000, and 102,803,740 transactions were executed, with an average of 27,890 transactions per second. Extremely fast performance, flexible and customizable design, optimization algorithms, intelligent simulation algorithms, independent market making, currency market making. It also includes a large number of controllable random factors.


What is an interactive instruction?


In order to make it easier for users to deploy the market strategy, we have added a one-click interactive function, through which users can send new commands to the market making system with one click. The market making strategy has build-in multiple one-click interactive instructions, including but not limited to: changing the market price difference, modifying the resistance distance of the order, locking the specified range of the market price, canceling the lock, defining the amount of pending orders, defining the range of pending orders, Closing position price difference, adding position price difference, etc.