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Three-track Volatility Strategy

Author: littleDreamXX, Date: 2018-11-30 09:21:14
Tags: Trend Commodity-futures ATR MyLanguage

  • Place order after K line is done, open or close position when closing price is determined

  • Data Level: Daily K Line


  • Main chart: MIDTR^^MA(C,CN); // Determine MIDTR UPTR^^MIDTR+2STD(C,CN); // Determine UPTR DOWNTR^^MIDTR-2STD(C,CN); // Determine DOWNTR HPOINT^^HV(H,CN), DOT, COLORRED; // Calculate the maximum value of the highest price in the CN cycle of the previous cycle. LPOINT^^LV(L,CN), DOT, COLORBLUE; // Calculate the minimum value of the lowest price in the CN cycle of the previous cycle.

  • Secondary chart: none

start: 2017-07-01 00:00:00
end: 2018-11-30 00:00:00
period: 1d
exchanges: [{"eid":"Futures_BitMEX","currency":"XBT_USD"}]
args: [["AMOUNT",1000],["TradeAmount",1000,126961],["ContractType","XBTUSD",126961]]

// 确定CN 
// Determine CN 
VOLAT:=STD(C,N);                            // VOLAT(波动率):M周期收盘价的标准差
                                            // VOLAT(volatility): Standard deviation of closing price in M-cycle
                                            // Change rate of two VOLATs
N1:=(1+VOLATCHANGE)*MINN;                   // VOLATCHANGE : 波动率变化
                                            // VOLATCHANGE : Volatility change
N2:=INTPART(N1);                            // 取整
                                            // Rounding off an integer
N3:=MIN(N2,MAXN);                           // 确认CN不大于60
                                            // Confirm that CN is no more than 60
CN:=MAX(N3,MINN);                           // 确认CN不小于20
                                            // Confirm that CN is no less than 20
MIDTR^^MA(C,CN);                            // 确定MIDTR
                                            // Determine MIDTR
UPTR^^MIDTR+2*STD(C,CN);                    // 确定UPTR
                                            // Determine UPTR
DOWNTR^^MIDTR-2*STD(C,CN);                  // 确定DOWNTR
                                            // Determine DOWNTR
HPOINT^^HV(H,CN),DOT,COLORRED;              // 计算前一周期CN周期内最高价的最大值。
                                            // see main chart
LPOINT^^LV(L,CN),DOT,COLORBLUE;             // 计算前一周期CN周期内最低价的最小值。
                                            // see main chart

// 开仓
// open position
                                                    // when the lowest price <  the lowest point and DOWNTR,and the K-line position > 60, sell short the closing price
H>=HPOINT AND H>UPTR AND BARPOS>MINN,BK(AMOUNT);    // 当最高价大于UPTR和高点,且K线位置大于60,收盘价买开
                                                    // when the highest price > UPTR and the highest point, and the K-line position > 60, buy long the closing price
// 启动止损
// start stop loss

// 平仓
// close position
C<MIDTR,SP(BKVOL);                             // 当收盘价小于MIDTR,收盘价卖平
                                               // when closing price < MIDTR, sell the closing price
C>MIDTR,BP(SKVOL);                             // 当收盘价大于MIDTR,收盘价买平
                                               // when closing price > MIDTR, buy to cover the closing price

// 动态止损
// Dynamic stop loss
REF(BKHIGH,1)>BKPRICE*(1+2*0.001*STOPRANGE) AND C<HV(C,BARSBK)*(1-STOPRANGE*0.001),SP(BKVOL);  // 买开后最高价大于买开价*(1+2*0.001*STOPRANGE),且收盘价小于买开后最高收盘价*(1-STOPRANGE*0.001),收盘价卖平
                                                                                               // the highest price after buying long > buy long price*(1+2*0.001*STOPRANGE), and closing price < the highest closing price after buying long*(1-STOPRANGE*0.001), then sell closing price
REF(SKLOW,1)<SKPRICE*(1-2*0.001*STOPRANGE) AND C>LV(C,BARSSK)*(1+STOPRANGE*0.001),BP(SKVOL);   // 卖开后最低价小于卖开价*(1-2*0.001*STOPRANGE),且收盘价大于卖开后最低收盘价*(1+STOPRANGE*0.001),收盘价买平
                                                                                               // the lowest price after sellong short < sell short price *(1-2*0.001*STOPRANGE), and closing price > the lowest closing price after selling short*(1+STOPRANGE*0.001), then buy to cover closing price