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【BinaryTeam】Timing Contract Strategy

Author: 双子量化(BinaryTeam), Date: 2022-06-22 14:30:44

Running Robot: https://www.fmz.com/robot/475783

The telegrame of the customer service: @BinaryTeam0

Principles of strategy: This strategy is a timing strategy trained by our team’s specific model based on past historical data. The internal reference indicators of the strategy include: long-short ratio, contract funding rate, on-chain liquidation data, k-line technical indicators (resistance line, pressure line), etc. The strategy will automatically open orders, and automatically stop loss and profit according to the market situation. The strategy belongs to the short-term strategy. At present, the strategy only supports BTC and ETH perpetual contracts.

About effects: 2020.1~2022.8 period BTC backtest data: 1x leverage, the return is 12942%, and the maximum drawdown is 35% ETH backtest data: 1x leverage, the return is 14254%, and the maximum drawdown is 35%

Backtest data for the last year 2021.8 ~ 2022.8 period BTC backtest data: 1x leverage, the return is 183%, and the maximum drawdown is 35% ETH backtest data: 1x leverage, the return is 121%, and the maximum drawdown is 35%

The strategy has the function of automatic compound interest. In a unilateral market, whether it is a unilateral fall or a unilateral rise, the strategy will perform well. Because of the contract, even if the unilateral fall, we can also open short position to get profits. However, in the case of repeated shocks market, the performance of the strategy may be not good enough.

The Advantage of the strategy: (1) Through the multiple self-developed indicators of our team, combined with the backtesting of a large number of historical data, the overall winning rate is over 60%. (2) The strategy is a short and mid strategy. After opening an order, it will automatically stop loss and stop profit according to the market situation, so as to avoid being affected by emotions. (3) The strategy comes with a special fund management system and its own compound interest function, which greatly avoids losses when going in the wrong direction and increases the profitability when going in the right direction. (4) The strategy has made special treatments for various abnormal price fluctuations to ensure that the strategy can run stably for a long time.

Risk Warning: Past historical income data does not represent future income data

About Exchanges: The strategy supports binance,bitget,gateio,bybit exchanges

Please know the following before purchasing:

  1. The profit and loss income when the script is actually running is entirely borne by the buyer
  2. Scripts cannot be used for any illegal actions

The Fee: The strategy is free to test run, please contact customer service telegram for details

The Contact: Telegram: @BinaryTeam0 (After the purchase, there are detailed parameter documents and operating instructions, and there is a special person to guide, start the strategy)


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