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Author: 泥巴, Date: 2022-07-18 10:01:18


Strategy introduction


Taichi is a Martin strategy with highly customized parameters, which is optimized and improved continuously from the initial version of 3 years in 2021, with a variety of built-in indicators or trend judgment logic to achieve the trend of covering short position function. The strategy has been more and more stable since it was launched nearly two years ago, and I especially thank you for your valuable suggestions during this period, which is very important for the improvement of the Taichi strategy. At the same time, I know that many friends have not made a fortune or even got liquidations, which I don’t want to see. I apologize to these friends here!

####About risks Since the risk of adding positions against the trend is certainly not small, it can be reduced by maximizing the parameters. At present, the long-term and large-scale unilateral market will increase the risk of liquidation.

####About profits The answer to this question from every customer is that it can be high or low. Different parameters have different profits, and the profits and risks are proportional. Since the launch of the strategy, I deem that friends who are in the digital currency market prefer high returns generally. For example, the previous version of Taichi, which I published five times a month of returns in the real bot, people are very interested in and ignore risks selectively. As a strategy master of the group said, as long as our conscience is acceptable, many people will use a strategy with high returns and high risks. However, Taichi doesn’t want to do this. It’s better to adopt a stable and low-risk method. The parameters we use now are relatively stable at around 30% of monthly returns. We can adjust the parameters to increase or reduce the returns according to our own personal situation. The same words again: the return is proportional to the risk!

####Novice Manual Taichi has a special user manual to start from 0, users who have never used the FMZ Platform can operate according to the document: img img

####Charging standard In consideration of leverage, position restrictions, slip points and other issues, it is better to keep the funds of a single account within 10k USDT, with one real bot for one account as a concurrent 300 USDT for a month (single concurrent) 1500 USDT for half a year (unlimited concurrent) No trial mode or profit sharing mode

####Other benefits You can use my other strategies for free if you rent Taichi. Now there is a contract dynamic grid strategy/spot coin collection strategy. If you are interested, you can ask me for it directly.

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