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Money tree(Futures contract)Multi symbol Version 0.0.2

Author: BOBO, Date: 2022-08-15 14:53:56

Money tree(Futures contract)Multi symbol Version 0.0.2

Basic idea

In plain language, it means buying low and selling high within a certain price range. The origin of this strategy can be traced back to the beginning of investment. For any investment product, as long as the price fluctuates within a certain range, we naturally think of buying when it falls and selling when it rises.


The chart shows a typical investment product suitable for high selling and low buying operations, and its price has been fluctuating within a range. Therefore, we can continue to buy low and sell high within this range. The red dots in the chart represent buying and the green dots represent selling. After the first purchase, if it falls by 4%, continue to buy, and if it rises by 4%, sell. Each purchase corresponds to a sale. The high selling and low buying strategy is to divide funds into several portions, set the buying and selling prices for each portion before trading, and strictly execute them to obtain profits. When setting the buying and selling prices, the buying price of each portion of funds is the selling price of the previous portion. Regardless of how prices fluctuate, as long as it is strictly executed, each portion of funds can obtain profits.

Why use the high selling and low buying strategy?

It can not only earn some income and obtain immediate psychological satisfaction, but also reduce the anxiety of not earning money, and adhere to long-term investment better.

The scientific and reasonable medium and long-term operation is not based on the feeling of chasing up and killing down, but based on the preset price ratio.

Help investors to get rid of their problems. Generally, the weak market is in shock for 80% of the time. The trading strategy of “high selling and low absorbing” can reduce the cost of holding positions

Strategic risk

As it is a futures contract trading, there is a certain risk of bursting. The selected product needs to have a high price fluctuation.

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