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What is 'Register Code' required to enter while Buying a Strategy from Square?

Author: Nitins, Created: 2019-03-04 12:28:38, Updated:

What is ‘Register Code’ required to enter while Buying a Strategy from Square?


and one more thing, please tell me the strategy you want to purchase or rent, because some strategy such as market making strategy we need discuss it privately, thanks for interesting in our platform.

There are 3 major categories for purchase or rent strategies on our platform 1. The strategy for rental user won't see the source code, can only use it during the renting period it also divided into "internal rental", which is, generate a registration code for the user who want to rent your strategy another type is on sale on our "square page", which is for users to purchase, users also will get the registration code 2. The strategy for public all of users on our platform can get the source code. you can choose either to public it on our "square page" or share it privately for some specific user. 3. The strategy sharing on our local computer client software for this topic, please see : https://www.fmz.com/bbs-topic/2404