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If I have a great trading strategy, why should I put it on The FMZ platform? Why not just run it to myself and built my own platform?

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If I have a great trading strategy, why should I put it on The FMZ platform? Why not just run it to myself and built my own platform?

Our customer service was asked a lot about this question.

Let me answer this main concern by the most important essence of every trader’s life: TIME!

Yes, time is a luxurious treasure that any one of us cannot afford to waste. It’s far more important than any capital.

Let me explain how our platform works, how it can save you a lot of time and put your most energy on the strategy design.

Avoiding the tedious and irrelevant programming details, don’t make your own wheels, using our wheels to mainly focus on driving the car.

“A programmer who also is a failed trader”

First, some background. The Financial Management from Zen(FMZ) quantitative trading platform was started 4 years ago. Think of it as a computer programmer who also is a failed trader just don’t want to admit be defeated by the market. (In fact, the market has defeated many people which not because of their intelligence, courage, character or belief in God. Or is it related to all these qualities?)

My story is typical, a 30s programmer just start a family, a lovely child and a beautiful wife need a man to support; a bright future need to accomplish. Hey, why don’t I give Securities market a try? After 5 years trying, Survivorship bias[1] and bankroll tell me that I’m not the lucky survived one.

“What makes a trader to profit on trading or even make a living?”

why is this happing to me? And want can I do about it? I asked thousand times of this question to myself; I searched many ways of analyzing the market. The final and most reasonable answer to me is MATH. The truth of the universe, MATH.

Let’s explore some traditional ways of analyzing and trading.

First of all, Fundamental analysis and Arbitrage trading, the amount of information about the nowadays market is tremendous. As a small-scale funding, you don’t have the ability to compete the large investment bank. Their searcher team and the information lag advantage only compete with them each other.

Secondly, technical analysis, the traditional hand or computer drawing technical indicators on the computer screen need an absolute executive ability. A tiny moment hesitate causes a huge amount of losses or missing chance of profit. Plus, the indicators have a large number of missing signal which mislead the investor to lose their temper and faith in their trading career.

Thirdly, High-frequency trading, which nowadays has evolved into a super computer equipment arms race. Also, not suitable for small-scale funding. On the other hand, the whole world’s exchanges and regulatory authorities are pushing a lot pressure on these HFT trading company in order to protect the big investment bank for Large transactions and the small retail for value investment.

Finally, how can the small-scale funding to survive in the market? The answer is Math, not he HFT level math, the average level of math. The level a normal high student can understand. Which are the

basic arithmetic. Why? Because our platform has tested a huge number of strategies in the past 4 years, those making the steady and stable profit strategies always are some easiest mathematical methods combination that you don’t even believe. Trust us, we have accurate a huge number of samples to prove our point.

Only in front of the Math, we are all equal. numbers may lie, but Math never lies.

Back to my story, after years exploring. I started to think. Where is my margin of profit? As a programmer, I strongly believe that mathematics can outline a perfect world. In the trading world, only unlimited mathematics can represent infinite possibilities. Replacing my emotions and methods with the correct formula should be a path worth trying. Later proved that this road is a bright road

This is why I started this website, creating a world for every trader or programmer who is interested in quantitative trading. Here, in addition to sharing, communicating, and improving the most effective strategies, there are also zero-based lessons specifically designed for beginners to help them step by step through the world of quantification.

“Why is normal quantization more effective than high-frequency quantization?”

In addition to the reasons mentioned above for the government regulation of high-frequency trading, for digital currency investors, value investors and small-scale funds, to catch the trend of the trading world for minimum requirement, here is your best place to be. We have the most easy-to-use and lowest-cost Docker system that can run on any server (including your own server).

In the future trading world, especially for professional traders, quantification is an indispensable tool and an irreversible future. This is even more true for digital currencies, because there is basically no spot to refer to.

For large funds, members of the team perform their duties individually. On our platform, various professionals responsible for algorithms, strategies, programming and fund management together form a powerful and effective community to help you grow step by step. We have a strong after-sales service, whether it is programming skills or professional financial knowledge, where you can think of us as a large investment institution to treat any amount of funds as a large funds with same quality technical support. We believe our business mode is an important branch in the future of the quantitative trading.

More benefits please see my next article.

[1]Survivorship bias or survival bias is the logical error of concentrating on the people or things that made it past some selection process and overlooking those that did not, typically because of their lack of visibility. This can lead to false conclusions in several different ways. It is a form of selection bias.(From Wikipedia)